Water absorbing
RMF Water absorbing filters are off-line filters that use a special water absorbing spin-on as a pre-filter. The fluid is pumped through the pre-filter which removes most water and larger solid contamination, in the second stage the fluid passes through the RMF cellulose micro filter where final water removal takes place as well as solid particle removal.
Heated off-line filters
The ‘Heated unit’ is a unique progression of the Off-line filter series.
The filtration of high viscosity oils, in both hydraulic and lubrication systems, is an almost impossible task for fine filters as the thickness of these oils ‘block’ almost all normal filters.
The RMF Heated unit warms the oil in a specific manner, allowing the viscosity to be reduced to a level which will permit fine filtration without the oil being exposed to too high temperatures that could cause overheating and burning of the oil, rendering it useless.
The Air driven RMF Off-line filter units can be fitted to every imaginable industrial application where hydraulic and/or lubrication systems are present. The air motor makes the unit suitable for use in explosion hazardous areas, or areas where no electrical power is available. The standard range of Air driven Off-line filters can be utilised in reservoirs with a maximum volume of 11,000 litres.
In recent years RMF Systems have developed a great deal of experience in cleaning and keeping clean hydraulic and lubrication systems in the:
steel industry;
plastic moulding industry;
maritime industry;
petro chemical industry;
paper industry.
The Benefits of RMF Filters
Reduced cost of ownership
Extremely clean oil due to high filtration efficiency
Prevention of channel forming by radial filtration direction
Large dirt holding capacity
Large water holding capacity
Compact and easymaintenance design
Longer usage life for oil and components

Condensation in reservoirs
Hydraulic and lubricating oils must be kept free from contamination and water. Most fluid reservoirs must be able to breathe, thus allowing water vapour and solid contaminants to enter. Temperature fluctuations in the reservoir will cause this water vapour to condense which will not only cause oxidation of the oil, but can also lead to considerable mechanical damage.
Filtration and drying: a single process
Standard air breathers remove some of the solid particles but allow water vapour in the air to pass freely. The RMF ’Air conditioner’ or sometimes even called ‘airco’, deals effectively with both so reservoirs can breath clean, dry air. The air is first dried by passage through a column packed with Z-R gel granules. The dried air is then passed through a pleated synthetic fibre filter element (replaceable spin-on type) where solid particles are removed, so that the air reaching the reservoir is both clean and dry.
The uptake of moisture in the molecular sieve can be observed by the change in colour of the humidity indicator granules in the silica gel. They turn from ruby-red (active) to a light orange (replace). The non toxic and non carcinogenic Z-R gel granules are completely replaceable with available refills or sparekits. The operation of the air filter (spin-on canister) can be monitored by an optional ’filter minder’.
Active coal
These desiccators from RMF Systems can be fitted with a combination of Z-R gel and active coal, this activated carbon will eliminate oil vapour and the smell, it will also prevent the Z-R gel from being contaminated with this oil damp.
Atmospherically closed
The RMF range also offers some desiccant breathers for dehumidification of gearbox applications which have spring loaded (0.01 bar) check valves fitted in the base in opposing directions, opening only whilst inhaling or exhaling. This way there is no atmospheric contact with the air and the Z-R gel under static conditions increasing the lifetime of the drying agent.

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